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This service, which is most easily explained by analogy to change mobile operator. Each of us has his number, but not everyone is happy with your service provider. The solution is to transfer the number to another network. After moving we still have the same number, the SIM card is the same, you can send text messages and calls. In fact, the only thing that changes is the company name on the invoice and the amount of the monthly subscription.hosting2

Similarly, Internet domains. Transfer is to transfer your domain to another registrar or the NASK (for Polish domains). If the renewal price is too high or you are not happy with the customer service, you can simply change the company continuing our domain.

The difference between the transfer of a number of domain transfer lies in the fact that the transfer does not affect the availability of a domain on the network (e-mail and Web pages work non-stop), while number portability may be associated with a few hours break.

How to transfer your domain to another registrar?

Transfer Domain consists of three major steps:

Issue code authinfo
Initiate transfer
End of Transfer
Let’s start by explaining what a Merchant Account code. This is a unique string of letters and numbers assigned to each Internet domain. In simple terms, this kind of code authinfo certificate saying “I certify that this person may have a domain X”.

AuthInfo code is required to transfer from one domain to another registrar. Where did you get it? From the company you keep your domains. We find it after logging in to the client, or receive from customer service. To get the code, just call or write an e-mail. Note that in the case of Polish domains, registrars are required to release free authinfo code.

Once we have a Merchant Account code, we can take it to the company that we want to move our addresses. All you have to pass them to the list of domains and the codes Merchant Account, and they will take care of the rest. For domains Polish, employees of such a firm contact with NASK and start the transfer procedure. Then, to our address confirmation link is sent to carry out the transfer. It is therefore important that before transferring domains check e-mail and other subscriber data are up to date.

After clicking the link the transfer is completed, and we can enjoy the cost savings and other perks associated with the new registrar. As you can see, the procedure is not complicated